The Dirty Three

The Dirty Three

Film Documentary of the Dirty Three - the rough and ready jewels in the crown of Australian rock and roll history who pioneered the instrumental rock and roll music scene with their cathartic, sometimes violent and always spellbinding brand of music. They achieved worldwide success since forming in the 1980's. This documentary film charts the band's history through extensive archival footage and interviews with international rock luminaries including NICK CAVE, STEVE ALBINI, ED KUEPPER, BOBBY GILLESPIE, MICK HARVEY, CATPOWER, ALEXANDRE PIEEREPOINT, NOAH TAYLOR, WILL OLDHAM and many more who jump at the chance to tell their personal 'Dirty Three' stories.

Plus a 90 min live concert of the Dirty Three in Tokyo Japan.

Director: Darcy Maine
Featuring: Nick Cave, Steve Albini, Ed Kuepper, Bobby Gillespie, Mick Harvey, Catpower

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The Dirty Three

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